Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

Brandalism 2014 (short film)

Brandalism is a revolt against corporate control of the visual realm. It is the biggest anti-advertising campaign in world history and it's getting bigger. Starting in July 2012 with a small team in a van, Brandalism has grown tenfold to include teams in 10 UK cities skilled up in taking back space. This film covers the most recent Brandalism takeover in May 2014 which saw the reclamation of over 360 corporate advertising spaces with hand made original art works submitted by 40 international artists.

Following on in the guerilla art traditions of the 20th Century, the Brandalism project sees artists from around the world collaborate to challenge the authority and legitimacy of commercial images / messages within public space and within our culture.

Directed by: Brandalism
Edited by: Standby Films
Music by: Gaslamp Killer (Nissim)

For more information on the brandalism project and to find out how to take back advertising spaces in your city, visit: