Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Inessa S: American stupidity is worse than terrorism - Russia

Maria Zakharova, Russia's Foreign Affairs spokesperson, lets loose on a Western journalist after she is asked "Why is Russia supporting Assad, who is killing civilians?" The problem with Western mainstream media is that it relies on ignorance to create a worldview that consists of a series of RANDOM and DISCONNECTED events taken out of context. I think she made her points pretty clear - but who are the two countries blocking progress, at the UN Security Council level? As you know, there are 5 permanent members, and 10 rotating members. In 2016, they are:

Angola (2016)
Egypt (2017)
Japan (2017)
Malaysia (2016)
New Zealand (2016)
Senegal (2017)
Spain (2016)
Ukraine (2017)
Uruguay (2017)
Venezuela (2016)

Who has the US payed off this time, to carry out their dirty deeds? What are your thoughts? But Maria Zakharova is definitely the definition of those thug life memes =))